Saturday, February 8, 2020

Role of the Man in the Family Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Role of the Man in the Family - Research Paper Example A man is an extremely crucial member of the family, and his roles are exceptionally crucial for smooth functioning and success of the family. Different families and cultures assign different roles to men, but there are universal men’s roles that are widely accepted in all cultures and families. Men’s roles range for love, protection, decision-making, family support, provision, fatherhood, husband, teaching and family security, (Bronstein and Carolyn 344). Men as the family heads preside over crucial family matters and issues that affect the well-being of the family. He is responsible for making key decisions in the family, for instance, decisions concerning the family property such as land acquisition, disposal, allocation between family members (children) and family development. Men are wage earners and providers of the needs and requirements of the family. A man should ensure sufficient supply of family basic needs and other means of supporting the unit economically and financially. He should contribute to physical, psychological, emotional support and mental support of the unit. In a bid to achieve this, he should reorganize his available resources to cater for his family needs, (Brody 234). A man as a protector means that he should ensure both physical and emotional security of his family. It implies safeguarding his self-esteem and worth and the self-worth and esteem of his family members. It may also imply safeguarding his ways of livelihood and protecting his family against any external and internal threat, for instance, threat to family property, value, reputation and family members. A man as leaders should lead and direct all the programs and projects of the family. For instance, instead of sitting back and watch his spouse takes initiative in case of a challenge he should take the lead. He should participate in the game and establish what he desires in his family rather than whining about his

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