Monday, February 24, 2020

Analysis and Recommendations for the Resolution of Operational Essay - 2

Analysis and Recommendations for the Resolution of Operational Problems at EMPLOI - Essay Example EMPLOI or Employment Opportunities, Inc. is a staffing service provider established 13 years ago. Upon inception, it specialized in providing temporary staff for office related positions such as office clerks, data encoders, and administrative personnel. Three years ago, the company was sold to its new owners. Although EMPLOI has been operating with sufficient profits to sustain operations for the last 3 years, the new owners have not yet been able to recover their initial investment when they acquired the company. The current CEO believes that strategic actions need to be undertaken to solve operational problems in order to increase revenues thereby increasing profits from operations so that the owner’s initial investments can slowly be recovered. Moreover, aside from deployment of office staff, the CEO believes that diversifying into the blue collar worker market is an opportunity that EMPLOI should explore as there is the huge demand for this type of workers. This paper tak es a look at the operations of EMPLOI, identifies problems and recommends solutions to those problems. Because of her Marketing background, the Admin & Operations Manager is also the Marketing Section Head. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of EMPLOI as well as prospecting for new clients together with the Business Development Officer. The HR & Admin Section Head is responsible for recruitment of personnel for the company’s manpower pool as well as for deployment to client companies. She is also responsible for internal HR & administrative functions for the EMPLOI office. The Accounting Section Head is responsible for payroll for all deployed personnel as well as the company’s business accounting requirements.

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